Dan’s Docs

Who am I?

Daniel McMahon.



  • Higher Diploma in Computer Science (Conversion) 2016-17
  • Professional Diploma in Education 2012-2013
  • BA Music & Geography 2009-2012


  • Software Engineer 2017-Present
  • Education Officer 2013-2016
  • Student Teacher 2012-2013
  • Various Retail Locations 2007-2008

What are these docs and who are they for?

(Me) => {

  • Making notes & resources helps me concrete my own knowledge.
  • Docs provide a useful and quick reference for day to day work.
  • An excuse to experiment with a new documentation library.


(You) => {

  • Maybe there is some useful knowledge in here relating to a language or tech concept that will help
  • Maybe you would like to adopt something similar for your own purposes and will use this as a template


Why am I using mkdocs?

It’s quick and easy. I wanted to have a docs page I can quickly update when the mood strikes.

Being able to update the documentation using markdown and not worrying about custom styling and css is crucial to achieve this. Once I have my knowledge solidified in a markdown structure I may consider switching to something like Gatsby or Hugo.

Having previously designed page search functionality, it’s also so much easier to use a pre-made solution like mkdocs that has search integrated. There’s no point having all these resources if I can’t search for what I need quickly and efficiently now is there?